We Are You, Concerned Citizens Just Like Yourself

We are candidates and former candidates, elected officials and former elected officials.  We are you.  We have the same concerns, the same hopes and the same inspirations.  We are your neighbors.  We seek to support you who are seeking election, not to accumulate our own power, nor to advance an ideological agenda, but rather to serve a community which we love and in which we live.  We know the trials and tribulations which you, as a new candidate, will face.  Part of our commitment to the public service is to help you be successful.  

What We Hope To Accomplish

We seek to bring back government that empowers the people to promote prosperity and resolve societal harms by harnessing public funds in a limited, responsible manner in concert with a robust private sector without favoritism or by restricting the liberties of legally unencumbered citizens while protecting society's most vulnerable through common sense public policies sustaing the rule of law under the Washington and Federal Constitutions with full transparency and accountability in all public interactions.


101 Independents United does not endorse candidates for either partisan or nonpartisan offices.  As a populist organization, we do not seek to be goal keepers in the business of picking winners or losers in local elections.  We leave those decisions in the hands of the people where they belong.

101 Independents United does not seek to advance a particular set of policy positions or advance a body of issues in exchange for certification.  Our certification process is not ideological

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