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Helping Inexperienced Candidates Run Credible Campaigns

We Instruct and Advise a citizen candidate on policies and regulations,  strategies and procedures involved in running a political campaign at no charge nor obligation to the candidate

Jim McEntire and Donnie Hall have held a long standing conviction in the benefits of competition in elections for local nonpartisan office.   In pursuit of more and better competition, they began to assist unaffiliated candidates in 2016 using a campaign readiness checklist developed by Jim from his experience as a candidate for partisan and nonpartisan office.  Much of their experience came as a Republican candidate (Jim) or campaign worker (Donnie).  In these roles, they picked up much wisdom from professional Republican consultants Alex Hayes, Justin Matheson and Steve Baren.    Their experience with Republican operatives convinced them that the overarching need for candidates at the local level is independence.    A desire to service and a common sense mentality to look upon each local issue on its own merits and context without the burden of a complicated party platform loaded down with National and State issues should trump all other considerations.

Donnie pulled together their accumulated knowledge into an instructional workshop.  This learning tool can best be described as basic training for the novice candidate that will acquaint the candidate with the technicalities of running a campaign as well as prepare the candidate to think through his or her candidacy before making a commitment to launch.  The Independent Advisory Association was created as a means of delivering this candidate education and to coach candidates throughout their initial campaigns.   


The Candidate Coach is the central figure of our process.  It is the Candidate Coach who works alongside the candidate: coaching, advising, encouraging, answering questions.  Candidate Coaches have much experience as campaign managers and advisors and in most cases have held elected office or leadership posts in working campaigns.  They work with candidates throughout their campaigns, guiding them through the difficult wickets of running for office

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