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Helping Inexperienced Candidates Run Credible Campaigns

Helping Inexperienced Candidates Run Credible Campaigns 

In 2016, Jim McEntire and Donnie Hall started advising candidates for elected office using a campaign readiness checklist developed by Jim.  Along the way they picked up much wisdom from professional consultants Alex Hayes, Justin Matheson and Steve Baren.  Following the 2018 election season, in which Jim ran for the State Legislature and Donnie served as Campaign Manager for Jodi Wilke, Donnie pulled together their accumulated knowledge into an instructional seminar.  This learning tool can best be described as basic training for the novice candidate that will acquaint the candidate with the technicalities of running a campaign as well as prepare the candidate to think through his or her candidacy before making a commitment to launch.  The Independent Advisory Association was created as a means of delivering this candidate education. 


The Candidate Coach is the central figure of our organization.  It is the Candidate Coach who works alongside the candidate: coaching, advising, encouraging, answering questions.  Candidate Coaches have much experience as campaign managers and advisors and in most cases have held elected office or party leadership posts.  They work with candidates throughout their campaigns, guiding them through the difficult wickets of running for office

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