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We evaluate the viability of potential independent candidates and report back to the public via a certification process that operates on a checklist of objective criteria which emphasizes electability and campaign preparedness over ideology.   For more a detailed description of our checklist, click on the button.

Other than filtering for fringe ideologies, we do not evaluate an INDEPENDENT candidate based on the issues of the day.  Once we have certified a candidate as ready to campaign, we encourage the public to learn of perspectives and positions on policy matters through forums and other means.


Our vision is to increase participation in the election process on the part of citizen candidates.  The public has a need to know the ideas that a new candidate brings to the table.  No public service is achieved in subjecting the candidate's ideas to contention by word or argument.  We strive to present forums to the public which offer candidates a nonthreatening environment for presentation and discussion of positions on matters of public policy, not personal attacks or preloaded "gotcha" questions.  Please click on the button for more information.


101 Independents United does not engage in political advertising, nor does it act as a funding source or conduit of funding for candidates' advertising campaigns.  We do assist candidates through education; specifically, what are the legalities and processes required to mount a credible campaign and how to avoid early campaign failure.  Candidate education also addresses the various media and methods of advertising or promoting a candidacy.  We invite certified independent candidates to post their information on our website ( and Facebook page (Facebook/101independents) without endorsement or other comment.


We raise no argument against a candidate for nonpartisan office seeking or accepting endorsement or support from a major political party.  We do believe that such endorsement/support diminishes the candidate's independence.  We reserve the right not certify or to decertify as independent any candidate for nonpartisan office who accepts either endorsement or material support from a major political party.  We understand that for partisan offices, sponsorship by a political party is a necessary condition for candidature.   


Primarily, we apply our experience to coach inexperienced citizen candidates in the technicalities involved in starting and running their campaigns.  We also conduct or participate in candidate recruitment, candidate training and guidance; voter education, participation and awareness; to advance the cause of independent candidates for the people.  Any assistance we provide through education of a candidate or candidate's team is on a nonpartisan basis, without obligation or commitment.  It is provided on a strictly no cost basis and has no valuation for reporting purposes.

Pericles of Athens

Pericles of Athens, variously known as the father of Democracy or the father of Populism, set out to make ancient Athens great by extending power downward from the ruling aristocracy to the people.  Although a member of the ruling class himself, he championed the betterment of Athens over the interests of any individual or class through greater participation on the part of the people in their government.  Despised and opposed by the elites, Pericles understood that power in the hands of the people through a transparent government made the city-state prosperous and respected.  His time of ruling Athens has been called the Golden Age and the Age of Pericles.

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