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A robust citizen candidacy serves democracy by returning power to the people.  More empowered candidates breeds competition and awareness among the voters.  Increased awareness on the part of voters improves transparency and desire to perform well in office.   As such, we seek citizens of strong character and passion to be the candidates we can support.  We will discourage a weak candidate from running, no matter how much we might value his or her personal ideology.  We are not a PAC.  We do not wish to establish our own political party.  Because we are about electing people, not party we look at the whole person rather than specific character traits.


Independence is key.  Our mission is to empower the people, not a party or faction.  Citizen candidates must be able to listen and respond to the voice of the people.  In order to do that, they must show independence from party loyalty, platform or even their own ideologies.  Clear judgement in every circumstance requires independence of thought.  INDEPENDENCE is embedded in our name.


Does the candidate exhibit the commitment to the elected office to which he/she aspires as an obligation of service to the people of her/his constituency?  Has the candidate committed to the level of effort required to mount a campaign for the office in question?  Has the candidate adequately articulated her/his basic issues/policy positions


Does the candidate intend to run a transparent and accountable campaign and guide his/her conduct in office in a similar manner?  Does the candidate demonstrate a willingness to hear the voice of the people who elect her/him to office


Is the candidate careful to avoid fringe movements on the far right or extreme left?


Those that advocate living outside of the boundaries of the US and Washington State constitutions while residing in those jurisdictions.

Extreme Libertarians and Anarchists

Those that reject the obligation of community and are in favor of those who reject their communities through violence, vandalism or disregard.

Extra-constitutional movements

Those that seek overthrow of government by other than constitutional means.


Those that seek to concentrate power in the hands of the few or ultimately a single authoritarian.  This category includes extreme socialists and communists.

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