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Welcome to our site.  101 Independents United is an independent, volunteer society of former elected officials, candidates and campaign activists whose objective is to advance the the voice of the people in local elected public office within the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State (the Highway 101 corridor).  We: train and coach potential candidates interested in running in local elections; sponsor candidate debate forums and public town halls; and provide voter education regarding the viability of independent candidates.  We believe in the ideal of citizen candidacy as well as the proposition that more competition on the part of regular people running for public office will improve local governments and enhance community interest in local government making government more responsive to the will of the people.   The voice of the people will become sharper and clearer if the people are provided with quality information regarding independent candidates.


Independent from affiliations and dogmas

United in our Love for America, Reverence for Democracy, Respect for the Constitution, Duty to our Communities


Throughout the 101 corridor on the North Olympic Peninsula of Washington State

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  • The vast majority of local elected offices are considered nonpartisan.

  • The political process in Washington is complex, not easily learned in a single election cycle.

  • Political advertising is costly, out of the reach of most citizen candidates.

  • How can the voting public learn of viable unaffiliated candidates?

Without availability of an authoritative source of voter information  nonaligned candidates are at an extreme disadvantage.

It seems that in Washington State, a novice candidate must run twice: first to learn what it means to be a candidate and then run to actually win the office

Dick Pilling, Former Chairman, Clallam County Republican Party

We are a volunteer society dedicated to improving local government through citizen participation.  

Anybody can get his or her name on the ballot for any elected office in Washington state by coming up with the filing fee.  Just being on the ballot does not make a candidate viable.  In fact, the presence of novelty candidates on the ballot does serious damage to independent citizen candidates by making it harder for the voting public to discern which candidates are real and which are just looking to see their names in print or are advocates for fringe policies or philosophies.



Jim McEntire

Donnie Hall

Want to learn more about how to run as an Independent Citizen Candidate for elected office in Washington State?



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