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What We Look For In Candidates

Our mission is to restore government to the people.  This is a populist position that in and of itself generates much controversy.  As such, we seek citizens of strong character and passion to be candidates that we can support.   We will discourage a weak candidate from running no matter how much we might value his personal ideology.  We are not a PAC, nor do we wish to establish our own political party.  Because we are about electing people, and not platforms, we look at the whole person rather than specific character traits.

First and foremost, what we are most interested in seeing is independence.  That may come as a surprise in this environment of highly partisan and ideological alignments.  However, our mission is to restore government to the people, not to any party or other faction.  The only way we can do that is by finding citizen candidates that are independent, not only of party or popular ideologies, but even of their own ideology.  Clear judgement in every circumstance requires independence of thought.  After all, "Independent" is our first name.

The second thing we look for is a firm commitment to transparency and accountability.  Much of the controversy revolving around our current candidates comes from the fact that they are open books.  Your average, plain white vanilla elected official won't discuss his or her alignments.   One of our candidates, Mayor William Armacost is under attack because he has expressed an awareness in QAnnon.   If you want to know anything about his interest what it means to him, or how it might relate to his position as City Councilor or Mayer, all you have to do is ask him.  He will be happy to tell you -- to your face.  There is no need to look up some obscure downstream ballot candidate in Georgia to speculate on what our candidates believe or how they will react.  

The third thing will look for is character, not so much in the legalistic sense, since we are all broken, flawed people.  We want to see someone who is willing to step into the arena and fight for his or her beliefs and actions.    Moreover, we like candidates who can facilitate other citizens thinking for themselves.   People who only want to be told what to think by what they read online or in popular media are not likely to vote for our candidates.  Naturally, such candidates, when elected are going to bring out the haters and name callers.  People who have sacrificed their ability to think for themselves to be accepted by the herd will lash out at those outriders who blaze their own trails.  That is why we look for character in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt's champion in the arena.

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