Sarah Kincaid

sarah headshot.jpg

Name: Sarah Kincaid

Office: Sequim City Council

Long time Sequim resident Sarah Kincaid approached the Independent Advisory Association in July 2019, expressing her deep concerns regarding a member of the Sequim City Council.  Sarah was concerned that the member should have recused herself on a certain matter of business that was pending before the Council.  This member of the Council also happened to be up for reelection in 2019.  After consultation with the Association and receiving our candidate's basic training, Sarah decided to run as a write-in candidate.  Although she registered with the county elections officials as a write-in candidate, Sarah's decision came too late for her name to appear on the November ballot.

Sarah won 348 write-in votes or 17% of the popular vote in the November City Council election.  While at first blush this figure may not appear noteworthy, the fact that it is a write-in vote against a popular incumbent makes it especially impressive.  A typical write-in campaign facing an incumbent who has not committed outright fraud or total rejection the will of the people is normally an exercise in futility, picking up perhaps 25 disgruntled votes.  For Sarah to garner as many votes as she did indicates that she did well in articulating her issues and presenting them to the voters of Sequim.  Sarah lost the November election.  Her commitment and experience running coupled with her understanding of the voice of the community proved instrumental in her being appointed to the Council in April of 2020 to fill the seat and finish the term of the Councilor she ran against.  Subsequent to her election, that Councilor resigned for personal reasons.  Sarah's experience with the Independent Advisory Society has served her well in convincing the City Council to select her from a field of four highly qualified candidates.

Sarah has retired from commercial full-time work and has lived in the Sequim area for 19 years.  Before retiring, she was the office manager for a local of the California Teachers Association for 5 years. She also was Quality Control Supervisor for Mervyn's Department Stores responsible for privately labeled imports for 7 years.  She worked part-time as lead associate at PETCO.  She has been married for 55 years, having 2 children, 3 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.  Sarah has shown dogs at AKC dog shows all over the country as an owner/handler for 40 years.  She has volunteered for many community activities, including the Sequim Lavender Festival

"Local government most affects our lives.  Let us pay attention to it, and elect individuals who will truly represent you.  I promise to do just that.  And that's why I'm running as a write-in candidate against the incumbent - to offer a choice of someone who will truly 'represent the people'."

Sarah exemplifies the spirit of the quotation of our mentor, Pericles of Athens: "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it."