Keith Larkin

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Keith Larkin retired from a career in firefighting with the California Department of Foresting and Fire Protection.  Having relocated to Sequim, he sought opportunities for continuing his service.  He sought and received appointment to a vacant seat on the Sequim City Council in 2020.  He now seeks election to retain the seat to which he was appointed for the remainder of the term, two years.  He sought the assistance of the Independent Advisory Association to assist him in this first time election bid.

Keith's priorities for Sequim are to promote managed growth including affordable housing, be a good steward of the taxpayer dollar, promote and support small businesses, prioritize public safety, enhance the development of our youth, maintain the small town appeal and promote visitors/tourism to our City.

"The first job of Local Government is public safety.  Radical groups such as Antifa and permanent homelessness are two perils to our rural lifestyle.  We must be able to meet them head on by leveraging all resources in Sequim and surrounding jurisdictions."

"I will pursue every avenue of cooperation with County and Tribal public safety resource to protect the people of Sequim"

NAME: Keith Larkin

POSITION:  Sequim City Council

Keith Larkin was born and raised in a small Northern California mountain community called Weaverville.  The primary industry in Weaverville was timber logging.  His grandparents owned Larkin's Store (a Ben Franklin Variety Store) and his Dad served on the Volunteer Fire Department.  Hunting, fishing, boating, hiking and camping were his primary entertainment as a youth.

Keith, who will be 65 years old on election day, recently completed a 41-year career in firefighting with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.  His work included assignments as Battalion Chief, Division Chief, Unit Chief, Training Chief and Deputy Chief, Northern Region (Sacramento to the Oregon border).

Larkin has earned an Associate of Arts degree in Fire Technology and graduated from a Management Certification Program at the University of the Pacific.