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John Madden

John Madden, a four-year Clallam County resident, has filed for election to the Port Angeles City Council.  John is deeply concerned about homelessness in our city.  He will seek to find that place where the needs of homeless people and the needs of the greater community can meet without one or the other suffering.

"People are frustrated with Government.  Local people are feeling forgotten, and it is time to involve them at a new level.  My best hope is to invite open conversations with the citizens of Port Angeles, in many ways, including a monthly meet and great at a local coffee shop.  I am interested in the day-to-day challenges facing Port Angeles businesses, and families struggling to make sense of the ever changing political landscape.  Small businesses have more similarities than differences and there needs to be a constructive thread drawn around them to strengthen the fabric of our city."

NAME: John Madden

OFFICE: City Of Port Angeles City Council

"Simply tolerating the homeless in their plight is to tolerate inhumane treatment of those unfortunate people while accepting the negative impact on the community."

"My desire is to make Port Angeles government an open book for citizen access and contribution.  Access to city government shouldn't be difficult."

John Madden was born in Puerto Rico and raised in  middle class Pennsylvania.  He was an entrepreneur from the start.   He went to work in Potato Farming after his High School graduation and was a laborer for an Excavation Company in 1982.  He served in the U.S. Navy as a Damage Control Maintenance Man.  He followed his fascination in mechanical things, becoming a trained draftsman, which eventually led, through on-the-job training to a Manufacturing Engineering position at various aerospace companies.  John applied his skills acquired to become a building contractor in 2000.  He has participated in several mission trips to Haiti and Belize over a period of 10 years, fabricating furniture, building churches and repairing much needed generators and other equipment.   John has become an Underground Water Leak Detection specialist for the Peninsula.

"As a former member and President of a Kiwanis Club and a Lion's Club, I have the practice of leadership with community service as the core."

"I hope you will come to my Coffee Corral, if not just the City Council meetings and help me shape our Community, one issue at a time."