Jena Stamper

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NAME:  Jena Stamper

OFFICE: Port Angeles City Council

Jena Stamper is a mom and a small business owner who didn't like what she was seeing on the Port Angeles City Council.  She saw a city council that was more concerned with State and National issues than what was going on in their own city.  City Council decisions seemed to be driven more by an idealist ideology than the realities of the City.  Transparency and accountability seemed to be totally lacking.  With the help of the Independent Advisory Association, she decided to throw her hat into the ring.

"I am running as a business owner, as a property owner, as a parent, and as a contributing member of our community.  I want to be a true representative of the people of Port Angeles, who feel their voice is being unheard."

As the people's representative, Stamper will be focused on solutions desperately needed in Port Angeles, not national ideological currents.

"A thriving business community is essential to the long-term health of our community.  Not only does the business community provide the economic foundation for our city, it supports local teams, youth programs, and many worthwhile community projects of great impact."

"We must lower barriers to business investment in our city such as the personal property tax.  The cost of doing business is just too high."

Jena has several other priorities that she will champion as a City Councilor

City parks could become an amazing city resource attracting residents and visitors alike.  We need to incentivize the community to support caring for our parks.

Safety of our community is paramount.  We need to support our local police and work with law enforcement in other jurisdictions.  "I would like to encourage community instead of diversity, coming together instead of dividing: not left vs. right but all members of a whole, while protecting individual freedom."

The city pier can become a center piece of city activity if we can provide sufficient security to encourage a robust commercial exchange.

We need a quality infrastructure that we can afford.  The physical facilities of our city, including the alleys, should send a positive message to any who lives, works, or does business in our city.

Utilities and taxes must be affordable to keep our quality of life.

Jena Stamper is a long time Port Angeles resident, who graduated from Port Angeles High School.  Jena, who will be 37 years old on election day, is a mother and small business owner.   She is married to Ryan Stamper, an established chiropractor of 11 years with an office in uptown Port Angeles.  She has two children, ages 8 and 11.