NAME:  Daryl Ness

POSITION: Sequim City Council

Daryl Ness and his wife of 44 years moved to Sequim in 2020.  He applied for a position on the Sequim City Council that happened to be vacant toward the end of 2020.  Seeing many qualified applicants, he decided to withdraw his name.  Later he was approached by the Independent Advisory Association who encouraged him to run for the office he once sought through appointment and offered him their assistence if he did so.

He has experience in dealing with regulations, union contracts, large and small capital projects and managing very large budgets.  He also was very involved with joint projects between the government and the railroads for which he worked.  As a senior executive for the railroad, we was effective as a problem solver with the ability to solve issues quickly.  He realized that people doing the job are some of the best resources for solving problems on the job.  Thus, he cultivated his own culture of accessibility and ability of work well with people at all levels, wanting to know what worked in each situation and what could be improved.

A true success story, Daryl Ness started out as a paperboy, dishwasher, gas station attendant, mechanic, tow truck driver, and did lawn work before hiring on with the Burlington Northern Railroad in 1978.  He started out at the railroad as a switchman/brakeman.  He was promoted to conductor and yardmaster.  After 13 years working union craft positions, he was promoted to managing and teaching quality processes.  In 1993, he was promoted to terminal trainmaster, a first line supervisor position, in Havre Montana.  In 1994 he was transferred to Edgemont, South Dakota as a division trainmaster.   

In 1996 Ness was transferred to Vancouver WA as terminal trainmaster.  He was promoted to terminal master at the same location before being relocated to Fort Worth, Texas in 2000 for a promotion to superintendent of operations.  In 2001, he was transferred to Houston, Texas as terminal superintendent.  Following a lateral transfer to Seattle, he was promoted to general director, transportation.  He was reassigned to Belen, New Mexico as general manager in 2009 and in 2013, he moved back to Seattle to complete his career with BNSF as general manager where he retired in 2015.  

Later in 2015 Ness was hired by the Peninsula Terminal Company as their chief operating officer.  He worked there until his retirement in 2019

"Public safety is the number one responsibility of government.  We should support our police, sheriff's department, fire department, emergency services, along with hospitals and clinics."

"Affordable housing needs to be addressed quickly.  We need to insure people have a safe and affordable place to live so we can fill the needed jobs in the area."

"Homelessness needs our attention.  There are many different root causes that we need to address carefully.  We need to learn from the successes and failures of other locations that have experienced similar issues."

"I support an indoor multi-purpose sports complex in Sequim that would provide benefit for young and old alike. (soccer, basketball, pickleball and volleyball)."

"I believe in small government and lower taxes, along with investing in areas that bring in tax dollars.  Most of our tax dollars come in through sales tax.  Successful businesses fund our budget."

"I am funding my own campaign.  I will not accept donations from special interest groups.  I am only interested in what the citizens of Sequim want for their community"