Brian Pruiett


State Legislature

Brian feels a strong need for change in Olympia.  Change in the makeup and priorities of the State Legislature in Washington.  He took his concerns to the Independent Advisory Association in February 2020.  Learning the basics of candidature in our state, he announced his run to represent the 24th District in the State House in April 2020, running as a Republican.  He ran for Position 2 in the State House of Representatives.  His opponent was incumbent Steve Tharinger.

Brian is a novice to politics who brings a wealth of experience in public service to his campaign.  He would like to see the State Legislature put a greater emphasis on family and personal resiliency and less priority on government.  He will also push for stronger Career/Technical Education (CTE) programs in Washington's public schools.  He envisions a legislature less driven by tax and spend ideology and more by common sense.  We need to prepare now for the next crisis, whatever and whenever it may come.

Pruiett was defeated in his race for the 24th Legislative District.  Nevertheless, his performance was quite creditable, garnering 55% of the vote in the part of Grays Harbor County that falls within the District and winning a slight majority in all important Clallam County.  This was not enough to offset a heavy Democrat vote in Jefferson County.  His performance was the best outing for a Republican in the 24th District in over a decade: an extremely powerful outcome for a novice.  We look forward to his participation in future elections.

Brian has committed to a lifetime of public service starting with his 34 year career in the United States Army, entering as a buck private and retiring as a battalion commander in the rank of lieutenant colonel, completing four command tours, and two deployments to Afghanistan as a senior adviser to Afghan forces.  As a career civil servant with the Bureau of Land Management, he led a diverse team of environmental specialists.  He was instrumental in the rewriting of requirements and regulations for environmental policy for the Oil and Gas Industry for both the Clinton and Bush administrations, often having to resolve issues with previous regulation that had been based on inadequate research and faulty analysis.  His work as an Inspector General gave him extensive experience in determining inefficiency, corruption, and criminal activity to improve organizational efficiency and financial management for the military. 


A PNW native, Brian and his wife currently own a small organic farm and own a small business that invests in real estate.  He pays back to his community by serving a Captain of a local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

"During this time of extreme trial for us on the Olympic Peninsula, we have been overwhelmed by the irresponsible mismanagement of a huge surplus of state funds from three years of boom economy.  Begging the federal government for money and medical help while our most vulnerable workers suffer is proof we need new legislators."

Brian exemplifies the spirit of our mentor, Pericles of Athens who said,

"In private matters, everyone is equal befor the law.  In public matters, when it is a question of putting power and responsibility into the hands of one man rather than another, what matters is not rank or money, but the ability to do the job well."